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P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T.™️ Drives Organic Pinterest Traffic To Niche Sites

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Generates Pinterest Traffic For Niche Sites

I tried following Pinterest “Gurus” and even hired a few experts but I still had barely any success until I started following Tony’s advice

– @nichesiteclub

My Pinterest track record

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Tony Hill

👉 Picture this: On a random day in 2018…

I was up at dawn, fixed myself my beloved cup of coffee, and enjoyed some much-needed spiritual time.

Then I booted up my laptop, checked my analytics…and almost spilled coffee all over the screen.

My worst nightmare was unfolding in real time.

My SEO traffic evaporated like a drop of water in the desert.

I was so shocked, I couldn’t think.


Time went by so fast, I didn’t realize it was already breakfast time.

I was sitting at the table, looking at my daughter.

Normally, my lively girl lights up my day. But that day? There was a giant knot in my stomach.

My wife was there too, looking as graceful as ever. I, on the other hand felt like a failure.

I forced a smile.


She saw right through me but didn’t push it.

I guessed she could see I needed some space to sort things out.

My website? It was like a boat. It had taken on bad waves before, no problem.

But this one was like a tsunami.

Years of blood, sweat, and code were gone in an instant.

I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t. I had the two women in my life to take care of.



They deserved the best, and I wasn’t going to let Google wreck our lives.

So I threw myself into Pinterest.

I had been getting a trickle of traffic from it since 2014, but now what?

Now it was going to save us.

I translated everything I knew about Google optimization onto Pinterest.

I studied the algorithm, started tracking everything diligently, testing over and over again…

And guess what? It took more than a year but I cracked the code.

Pinterest saved my site…and breakfast time!

And it keeps saving my site too.

Google’s been the worst lately, and if it wasn’t for Pinterest and newsletter, I’d have no traffic left.


Many are in the same boat too. Everyday I receive dozens and dozens of messages asking me to reveal my FULL Pinterest discoveries that I kept mostly under wraps for 4 years. 

So I did it. I put everything I know about Pinterest in my new course: Pin Point Traffic.

Here’s what this is all about…

Why Is Pinterest The Best Choice For Niche Site Owners & Bloggers?

Pinterest is now my biggest traffic driver, it can be yours too. Wonder what Pinterest has to offer you? Read on…

High RPMs

Many users use Pinterest as a glorified inspirational shopping list. So their clicks are highly valuable, making RPMs soar as opposed to other traffic sources.

Sustainable & Long term

According to Scott Griffus’s studies, it takes Pinterest half a year to reach their maximum engagement. For Twitter, that’s 80 minutes. No more content treadmill.

Free, Organic traffic

Pinterest is one of the only viable platforms left where you can start from scratch and get traffic. Most other viable traffic sources are paid.

It's a search engine

That’s one of my biggest breakthroughs. It’s a search engine, so if you optimize for it (nothing as complicated as SEO), you can get a flood of sustainable traffic.

AI Friendly

Pinterest is extremely AI friendly (The CTO is on record), both when it comes to images and the descriptions. I’ve been getting tons of traffic with AI + Pinterest

Less Content, more traffic

With Google, you only have one spot. With Pinterest you can have 50 pins promoting one article. Less content, more traffic!


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Generates Pinterest Traffic For Niche Sites

 Just like anything in life, just using it won’t do you any good, it’s the strategy you use that determines if you win or lose. All of the results you see on page are due to…

My P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. Method

My P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T.™ Method isn’t some flaky, here-today-gone-tomorrow nonsense. This is a decade’s worth of Pinterest expertise, delivering over 50 million clicks to my sites. It’s my sweat, tears, and endless nights tangled in Pinterest’s algorithms, APIs, and ranking signals.

And let’s be real, unlike what those Pinterest “influencers” preach, it’s NOT just about tweaking a few descriptions and calling it a day.

Here’s the juicy part: I’ve uncovered 15 different Pinterest recommendation algorithms, and my method nails every single one of them. Think of it as hitting 15 bullseyes with one arrow.

Why does P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T.™ work? Simple: it’s all about the CLICKS, not just impressions.

As niche site owners, we get paid when people actually click through to our pages. Impressions? They don’t pay the bills; clicks do.

Most Pinterest courses out there are chasing views and impressions, but my course? It’s all about turning those eyeballs into cold, hard clicks.

Free Pinterest Traffic For Niche Site
Owners & Bloggers 👇





It’s a unique method that…


Pinterest is one of the only ways left to get free, organic traffic. If you are a niche site owner or blogger, you can get a flood of traffic to your site with my P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. Method

For niche sites

Most Pinterest strategies out there are mostly for promoting affiliate links. P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. is likely the only one out there designed FOR niche sites and getting more display ads revenue.

Increase rev

If you don’t have Pinterest in your traffic mix already, or earned from Pinterest you are in for a treat. The RPMs you can get are bonkers. One person got an average of $65 (!) RPM in the last few months

AI first

Pinterest is AI-friendly both with images and text. And I’ve been driving most of my traffic with AI tools. And I’m not holding back, I’ll give you my prompt that writes descriptions so good, you wouldn’t know it’s AI.


This is not theory. There’s 50 million clicks backing up the effectiveness of my P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. method. With my own results and those of a select few, that number is probably 5x.

“Pin Point Is Backed by MILLIONS of Pinterest clicks”


👇 Course expires in…

Generates Pinterest Traffic For Niche Sites

What if my niche isn’t women?

Alright, let’s get real about Pinterest. Yeah, it’s mostly women who use it. But if your niche is for dudes, don’t sweat it. There are 300 million men on Pinterest every month. Yup, 300 million potential targets. But here’s the kicker…

Women have men in their lives! Shocking, I know. This means you can tap into the 700 million women on Pinterest by tweaking your content just a bit.

Got a hunting site? Try this: “25 Perfect Gift Ideas for The Hunter In Your Life” or “10 Things Only a Hunter’s Wife Would Understand.”

There’s a whole section about this in the course, but I just wanted to show the potential Pinterest has if you know how to work it.

What if I’m just starting?

If you are wondering if the P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. Method works on brand new Pinterest accounts, the answer is yes.
Check it out for yourself:


You are seeing the traffic of a BRAND NEW SITE made for Pinterest, on a BRAND NEW PINTEREST ACCOUNT. And the P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. method has generated about 100,000 pageviews already. Pure organic traffic, no ads. So yeah, this works on new accounts and sites. In fact, the screenshot above is just one of the many “For Pinterest” sites I have cooking at the moment. So it’s a red-hot opportunity for anyone who needs fast traffic.

What’s Inside Pin Point Traffic?

This course is multimedia (Text, Images, Videos). The abundance of text and images make it easier for you to go back and reference and easier for me to make updates as I adapt my strategies over time (Note: Course is lifetime access). Videos include behind-the-shoulder sessions, step-by-step tutorials & more.

▶️The top 3 ranking factors in Pinterest

▶️ Cheat sheet: 144 content appeals for more clicks

▶️ Rule of 3: The must haves of a new account

▶️ The two main Pinterest content types that work


▶️ How to use TOBI pins for getting traffic back to your site

▶️ Jon Dykstra’s high level Approach to pinterest

▶️ The 3436 main Pinterest categories and subcategories

▶️ Behind the shoulder how to create winning pins


▶️ Where to find endless, winning pin ideas

▶️ This little-known official Pinterest tool gives you ideas,  keywords and even search volume!

▶️ Stupid simple board organization for more traffic

▶️ 9 steps to pinning as much as 50+ pins per day


▶️ Sneaky: How to use you competitors to drive traffic to your boards

▶️ Top 25 words users can’t resist clicking on

▶️ How I pin 40+ per day without spamming

Everything you need for driving Pinterest traffic to your site

Unique research methods

Can you spot the mistakes that will cost traffic?

▶️ Best pin designs for maximum traffic

▶️ The 15 systems that make Pinterest tick

▶️ How to “bottom up” your boards for maximum traffic

▶️ How to avoid “Death by description”


▶️ The perfect pin: Giving Pinterest what it’s looking for

▶️ 3 step AI secret to beat the highest performing pins

▶️ How even 4 month old pins can get you more traffic

▶️ Done for you 30 minute VA training video


▶️ 3 main styles of pin styles that work over and over again!

▶️ 5 ways to fix low CTRs on your pins

▶️ 6 mistakes never to make with your pins

▶️ Traffic ping-pong: 4 ways to tailor your site for Pinterest


▶️ How to anticipate future trends in your niche

▶️ 5 ways to boost your Pinterest game at the account level

▶️ Word-for-word AI prompt that creates descriptions so good, you’d swear it’s human

👇 Need the full outline?


Module 1: Welcome to Pin Point Traffic 👋

  • A Welcome from Tony and Jon
  • Your Course and Pinterest Roadmap
  • How To Use This Course to Get What You Really Want

Module 2: Pinterest 101

  • The Glossary
  • 3 Steps to Not Miss When Setting Up Your Pinterest Account
  • Follow Related Accounts
  • The 2 Primary Types of Content for Pinterest
  • Jon’s High-Level Approach for Pinterest
  • Tony’s High-Level Approach for Pinterest

Module 3: Understanding Pinterest’s Algorithm

  • SEO for Pinterest
  • What Makes Pinterest Tick: Ranking Systems & Models
  • Pinterest’s Ranking Factors
  • Compounding Velocity

Module 4: The P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. FORMULA

Sorry, I can’t reveal the exact names of this proprietary formula. But there are 39 lessons that cover:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Getting keywords
  • Board optimization
  • Pin optimization
  • Pin designs
  • Scheduling
  • Tracking
  • Optimizing your site

Module 5: Sourcing Photos

  • Instagram
  • AI Images

Module 6: Pinterest SOPs

  • Tony’s SOP for Pinning 48 Pins Per Day
  • Watch Me Create an Optimized Pin from Start to Finish
  • Jon’s SOP and Training VAs
  • How to Pin 20+ Per Day and Not Look Like a Spammer

Module 7: FAQs

  • With so many niche sites moving to Pinterest, how do I get traffic for the long haul?
  • What do I do when I’m not getting traction with Pinterest?
  • How do you bulk pin 100+ per day?
  • Do group boards still work?
  • What do I do with existing boards that are poorly organized and named?
  • What’s the ideal amount of pins per day?
  • How frequently can I link to the same URL from my pins?
  • Does the number of followers matter?
  • Do you have to stay on topic with your site’s content for Pinterest like you do with Google?
  • How long does it take to get traffic to my pins?
  • I’ve got an older account, how do I get it ed again?
  • I’ve got a pin(s) that’s really taken off, what do I do now? (How can I double down?)
  • How do I make Pinterest work if I have a product or service?


All sales final

Important: All sales final, no refunds. Why? Because “Pin Point Traffic” is jam-packed with proprietary info that I just can’t risk giving away for free. Wondering if it’s for you? You either know how to drive traffic to your site with Pinterest, or you don’t. If you’re already know how to, then have at it! But if you need some guidance, do yourself a favor and get the most in-depth Pinterest training out there, backed by millions of real clicks. 

Will my niche work for Pinterest?

Many people don’t think that their site will work because they’re not in one of these popular “Pinterest niches” like beauty. Instead, they’re in fringe or more “masculine” niches like outdoor gear.

If your niche is not Pinterest friendly, there is a red-hot opportunity for you to cater to women on Pinterest. For example, “10 best fishing rods” would appeal to males, while “10 best rods for the fisherman in your life” would appeal to the female demographic. A complete breakdown of how to “translate” your content is inside the course.

What if I tried Pinterest before?

If you tried Pinterest before and it didn’t work, there might be a few reasons. One is not being consistent and treating it with the optimization mindset. Without revealing too much, timing plays a big role here. The second is not knowing Pinner psychology—they tend to click on specific pins. And the last potential reason is your content might need tweaking. For example, there is a difference between “10 best games” and “10 best gifts for a gamer husband.” Details inside the course

Is this a spammy / short term startegy?

I do not teach spamming. Just like a knife can be used to save a life or to hurt, some people can use P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T™️ the wrong way. I’m all about meeting user intent with high quality pins.  Pin quality matters.

It is also a long-term strategy. I’ve been using Pinterest for years. And if you are worried that you are putting your eggs in one basket… Sometimes you have to go all-in on one platform at a time as part of the diversification process, and then move on to the next.

Do I need a site for this?

Yes and no. It’s better to have a site because you can see the traffic and revenue coming in. But if you don’t, this is your chance to start a “For Pinterest” niche site. It’s a much different approach than traditional “For SEO” niche sites, and it’s designed to get higher RPMs, more clicks, the works. You get the full outline of how I build my “For Pinterest” niche sites in a bonus that comes with the course.

Can this be hands off?

Absolutely. You can use P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T™️ yourself or use the swipe-and-deploy SOPs included in the course to have it all hands-off. There’s also a 30-minute done-for-you training video you can simply show your VA to get them up to speed.

Once things are dialed in, it’s only a few minutes per week worth of work to make sure things are going well.

What is P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T™️?

P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T™️ is my proprietary formula for getting Pinterest traffic. It is the culmination of a year deep diving into the Pinterest algorithm, studying leaks, rigorous testing, and more. To protect the intellectual property, the exact formula is only revealed inside Pin Point. And please do not share it anywhere online; why would you want to erode your advantage?

How much money can I make with this?

Just like everything in life, it depends on your niche. Some niches have higher RPMs than others, but as a general rule, Pinterest has higher RPMs compared to other sources. That’s because many use Pinterest as a glorified shopping list, so it tends to attract buyers, pushing the RPMs up.

How fast does this work?

Once again, it depends on not only your niche but also if you are doing things right. If you are, this can work in as little as 30-60 days. But results are impossible to guarantee.

How is this different from other courses?

Good question. Most other courses approach Pinterest from a social media perspective. Pin Point approaches it from an optimization perspective. It’s like Google SEO but without a lot of the nonsense they made us go through. It’s based on a mix of experience, reverse engineering algorithm leaks, rigorous testing, and more. While I have yet to go through ALL of the Pinterest courses in the world, P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. is unique. As one student says, “I tried following Pinterest ‘Gurus’ and even hired a few experts, but I still had barely any success until I started following Tony’s advice.”

Can I use AI images?

Image generators have really changed the game. I source images, but most of them are A.I.-generated. Pinterest’s Chief Technology Officer was recently on a podcast and asked about AI images on the platform. Here’s what he said:

“…lots of those [art] are great cases where people need a little bit of inspiration, and it can be generative, right? It may not exist in the world, but you want to see what it looks like…”

So the future looks bright.

Does this work for normal images?

Of course, it does. I will teach you how to develop your own strategy that works for your niche, and understand what you need to be creating and pinning. 

Is keyword research covered?

Yep, I am teaching keyword research inside for Pinterest that hasn’t been done or available ever before due to his discovery of all 10M+ official keywords/interests Pinterest has in their database. Talk about a treasure trove.

👇 Course expires in…

Generates Pinterest Traffic For Niche Sites

Proof This Works

Many of the results below are from simple bits and pieces of my methods I’ve so far shared.
I’ve never completely revealed my full methods until now.

Not impressions, CLICKS!

ANother for the 100k clicks club! =>

<= New site and account

Below you can see what’s possible with Pinterest. In the case below there’s an absolutely bonkers $91.28 RPM
that makes about $8000-10,000 per month

Who Is This For?

  • 🛑 This course is NOT for everybody. It’s only for action takers that are not afraid of getting their hands dirty with Pinterest. So if you are the kind of person to do nothing and then go complain “OMG!1! Pinterest don’t werk” online, please do me a favor and skip buying this course.

  • 📉Your traffic is dead. Sorry to hear. I know this sucks. If you’ve been hit with whatever update Google dished out, get this course now! Pinterest is pretty much the only game left in town to get free organic traffic. So if you don’t have funds to buy traffic, Pinterest is pretty much the best way to go.
  • 📊You want more traffic/diversity. If your site is chugging along just fine, well, lucky you! Adding Pinterest to your traffic mix is a great move. It’s not only great for diversifying your traffic, it’s a great way to boost traffic and revenue with higher than average RPMs.
  • 😓Newcomer who wants to launch their site. Fair warning, this is an advanced course, but the basics are covered. Since the chances of getting organic traffic on Google diminish by the day, this is the best start if you want to launch your site and get free organic traffic. It’s the same system I use to launch fresh new sites and get traffic.

👇 Course expires in…

Generates Pinterest Traffic For Niche Sites

FREE Bonuses Included

With your purchase of “Pin Point Traffic”, I’m offering 5 valuable bonuses…

Bonus Galore!



How to create “For Pinterest” Niche Sites

No site? No problem! Buckle up, because in this fantastic bonus, I’m about to reveal how to start a niche site from scratch. And not just any site—one that’s built specifically for Pinterest. I’m revealing how I craft my own niche sites with Pinterest being the main traffic driver.

And guess what? You’re not boxed into one topic like with SEO sites. Nope, here you can go wild. With no need to stress over topical authority, you can whip up a sprawling “umbrella” niche site that pulls in traffic from all sorts of angles. This means you get to play around with different subjects and see what clicks (pun intended) with your crowd.

$297 Value

What Pinterest Promotes Over & Over again

I’ve got literal tabs on Pinterest, and I’m not just talking about my browser. I’ve been obsessively tracking which interests Pinterest keeps pushing to the top. My detective work has uncovered a treasure trove of insights into Pinterest’s algorithm.

Get this: there are 133 interests that Pinterest just can’t get enough of. Imagine having a secret map that tells you exactly which interests Pinterest loves to spotlight. It’s like having an unfair advantage because knowing what Pinterest adores can lead to a tidal wave of traffic.

And when you mix this with my P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. Method, it’s like having a cheat code for Pinterest success!

$97 Value

Manage Your Pinterest The Simple Way

I use Notion to keep my niche site and Pinterest game on point, giving me a bird’s eye view of what’s next on the agenda. And guess what? As a super special bonus, I’m giving you the exact template of the board I use for my site! With this board, you can organize and track every little detail, from board names and URLs to specific posts and pins.

Normally, a board like this would set you back around $197, but let’s be real, that’s underselling it. The real magic is how this board brings together blog post creation and pinning, making it one-of-a-kind. I’d be lost without it.

$197 Value

Automate Your Pinterest Growth

You can P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. method? You can totally rock it solo. But let’s be practical— It’s better if a VA does it. With this bonus, I’m hooking you up with everything you need, including step-by-step instructions to set up a completely hands-off Pinterest system that keeps driving traffic to your site. 

Once it’s up and running, maintaining it is a total breeze. It only takes a few minutes each week to check in and make sure everything’s running smoothly, letting my Pinterest traffic engine keep chugging along day and night. Nothing’s better than getting ad revenue without the hassle of daily management, and I show you everything in this bonus.

$397 Value

$988 worth of bonuses included!

Here’s All That’s Included


My “Pin Point Traffic” course ALONE is worth $2997, and honestly, that’s me being modest. Why? Because it’s loaded with never-before-seen Pinterest strategies that actually work. Plenty of people are already snagging Pinterest traffic using just bits and pieces of my system… now picture unleashing the full power of the complete thing.

And with all the bonuses thrown in? You’re looking at a package worth $3,985.

Pin Point Traffic ($2997 Value)

Everything you need to get massive Pinterest traffic to your site

Build Your Niche Site ($297 Value)

How to start Pinterest niche sites from scratch & monetize with ads

133 Pinterest Interests ($97 Value)

List of 133 Interests that Pinterest keeps promoting over and over

Notion Board ($197 Value)

Manage your Pinterest boards and pins without losing your mind

Pinterest Autopilot ($397 Value)

How to automate your Pinterest traffic, hands-off with a VA

Value: $2997 + $297 + $97 + $197 + $397 = $3,985

You get $3,985 worth of value for just… 

PRICE: $3,985 ONLY $597 $497 

✅ Free, Organic Pinterest traffic
✅ Proven P.I.N.P.O.I.N.T. Method 
✅ Higher RPMS
✅ More traffic with LESS content
✅ AI friendly Images & Descriptions
✅ Faster traffic than SEO

✅ 133 Interests Pinterest Favors
✅ Pinterest Notion board
✅ Putting Pinterest on Autopilot
✅ Unique Strategies That Work
✅ & more



Please note that this is a limited time offer. The course is only open a few times per year but I open it ONCE for email susbcribers only. Once it closes, it will be unavailable.

Still Thinking About it?


Don’t think, act

Waiting for Google to fix its algorithm? That’s a pipe dream.

Snoozing on Pinterest? Others in your niche won’t wait around

Trying to figure out Pinterest on your own? You’ll just end up frustrated.

The best chance you have to drive massive organic traffic is right here, right now, with ‘Pin Point Traffic.’

This course is packed with proven strategies backed by millions of clicks.

See for yourself what’s possible by next month:

Get it now. It’s the best price it’s going to be. Pinterest is the best source of traffic right now,
so don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

This course does not offer any guarantees of results. Success in business, including traffic generation and online marketing, involves risk and depends on various factors, including your effort, market conditions, and other variables beyond our control. While “Pin Point Traffic” is designed to provide you with powerful strategies, your results may vary. By purchasing this course, you acknowledge and accept these risks.