Go through the course with my me (Starts June 3rd), and get help along the way

Thank you for getting “Pin Point Traffic”, your order is being sent by email. You can go through it alone, but if you want ALL of the advantages on your side, consider the special offer below.


30 Days To Pinterest Traffic  

The Pin Point Traffic course you just got is one of the most in-depth courses you’ll find on Pinterest. It’s a complete map for generating Pinterest traffic. 

What’s better than a map? A GPS to help you navigate that map. 

This is the Pin Point Traffic Cohort. It’s the GPS to the course you just purchased. You can reach your destination with a map alone, but when it comes to having all of the advantages on your side, nothing beats a GPS. 

Imagine having a crystal-clear path laid out before you, guiding you step-by-step to achieving Pinterest traffic for your niche site. With this optional cohort program, that dream becomes a reality because I’m there to help you navigate the course step-by-step, helping you along the way.

⏰ When: Starts June 3rd  ⌛Duration: 4 Weeks 🪙Investment: $197 (once time)


Week By Week “GPS”

No more guesswork, no more confusion. Week by week you will get a curriculum that breaks down the entire Pin Point Traffic course into manageable, digestible sections. You’ll know exactly what to focus on each week, ensuring you never feel overwhelmed or lost.

Each section is designed to build on the last, making implementation simple.

Each week’s curriculum outlines specific goals and objectives, so you can hone in on the most critical aspects of the course. Yup, there is homework involved, but unlike school homework, there’s increased traffic and revenue waiting for you at the end.


4 Weekly Group Calls

Every week, you’ll have a call with me, deep diving into the ins and outs of the course. You can also ask some questions about your particular challenges to have them resolved then and there. 

My consulting fee starts at $2000, so having 4 calls with me for just $197 (one time investment) is nothing short of a steal! I’ve generated a BILLION clicks, been online for 15 years, been using Pinterest for 10, generated over 100 MILLION clicks from Pinterest…you get the idea. This is your chance to have someone with experience help you out at every step of the way!



4 Week Access To Private Forum

Can’t wait for the call? Got an urgent question? No problem. This program includes 4 week access to the Maverick Forums, That’s my private Forum. Ask me anything and I’ll answer you. My partner Jesse Cunningham is also there if you need help with other aspects like SEO, AI & more.

You have access to the forum for the duration of the cohort program. At the end of the 4 weeks, you will have the option to keep accessing the forum for just $29 per month. 


Join the cohort for $197, which includes: Curriculum, 4 weekly calls, 4 weeks of access to my private forums

To continue accessing the forums after 4 weeks (and keep accessing my mind), it’s $29/month. Your account will be charged monthly until you cancel. You can cancel anytime.

Two notes: Just like the main course, this is all sales final (no refunds). This is a 4 week program that includes…

✅ Weekly curriculum and assignments
✅ Unlimited forum access for 4 weeks
✅ 4 weekly calls

Here’s how this works….every week you get a complete curriculum with what parts of the course to watch and homework. Yes, homework. But it’s for a good cause tho, there’s increased traffic and revenue at the end!

Every week there is a call with me where I expand on parts of the course and makes sure that you are on the right track. If you have any questions between calls, simply post a message on the forum and I will answer.

With me by your side, your chances of succeeding at Pinterest are even greater. The only other way to get a hold of me is to pay his $2000 consulting fee. So you are getting quite the deal here.


This Might Be The Only Time

Fair warning: This might be the ONLY time this cohort is offered. Because this is a pilot run. If I’m not enjoying myself, after the end of the program, I will close shop and you will be the only one I’ve ever offered it to.